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Trinidad and Tobago’s Star Cricketer, Brian Lara

Renowned cricketer, Brian Lara

Renowned cricketer, Brian Lara

” Cricket is my life and it circulates in my blood “

Brian Lara is one of the greatest and finest cricketers the world has ever seen . He is blessed with wholesome qualities and huge amount of talent . He is a living legend and the pride of his nation as well as of the Cricketing World .He is one of the biggest Super stars in the Sports World . He is whole heartedly respected all over the world for his belligerent performances and breath taking abilities with the bat . He is considered as one of the best batsmen of the present era . He is the current World Record Holder for the highest runs in one inning of a test match . People from all over the world love his because of his attributes and services towards Cricket . He is retired from the International Cricket just after the World Cup . He was the backbone of the West Indian Cricket Team even in the later half of his career , that speaks highly of the amount of talent God has bestowed in him . He used to win matches single handedly for the West indies. On his day he is a match winner without any doubt . He has the ability to tear any bowling a part . When he is in full flow he can smash the ball all over the place . He is not one of those batsmen who can only play at one side of the ground .

More on Lara: aboutbrianlara.com



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