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Trinidad and Tobago’s Star Cricketer, Brian Lara

Renowned cricketer, Brian Lara

Renowned cricketer, Brian Lara

” Cricket is my life and it circulates in my blood “

Brian Lara is one of the greatest and finest cricketers the world has ever seen . He is blessed with wholesome qualities and huge amount of talent . He is a living legend and the pride of his nation as well as of the Cricketing World .He is one of the biggest Super stars in the Sports World . He is whole heartedly respected all over the world for his belligerent performances and breath taking abilities with the bat . He is considered as one of the best batsmen of the present era . He is the current World Record Holder for the highest runs in one inning of a test match . People from all over the world love his because of his attributes and services towards Cricket . He is retired from the International Cricket just after the World Cup . He was the backbone of the West Indian Cricket Team even in the later half of his career , that speaks highly of the amount of talent God has bestowed in him . He used to win matches single handedly for the West indies. On his day he is a match winner without any doubt . He has the ability to tear any bowling a part . When he is in full flow he can smash the ball all over the place . He is not one of those batsmen who can only play at one side of the ground .

More on Lara: aboutbrianlara.com




Trinity Cross recipient, Brian Lara

Trinity Cross recipient, Brian Lara

The sporting arena has been an integral aspect of the identity of Trinbagonians. Along with this we have seen the growth of the popularity of our sports men and women. One such example is Brian Lara. With decades of cricket success, Brian Lara has made and broken numerous world records in test cricket history, placing not only the West Indies Cricket team on the map but also Trinidad and Tobago for being the home of one of the best batsmen ever known.

Source: youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGDjRuf0VD4&NR=1&feature=fvwp#watch-main-area